How are the SapienStone slabs made?

The base of the slab is made using natural mineral raw materials that are crushed and mixed together with water, the raw materials are then compressed at high bars of pressure this ensures that all excess air and water bubbles have been eliminated. Just before moulding the base is exposed to the dryer to ensure there is no unnecessary moisture. Once the base is placed in the mould the slab gets decorated using the latest design and texture technology. The slab is then placed in a kiln which reaches temperatures of over 1200° and then cooled.

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SapienStone is environmentally friendly, our factory is the first in the industry to have a zero emissions factory. Our product is made from natural ingredients and our automated water recycling plant

SapienStone offers superior characteristics such as extreme compactness and non-porosity, which make it the ideal choice for a counter top. As this material is impenetrable, even the most difficult st