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Invisacook: The Future of Induction Cooking

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

First of all, what is Invisacook? Is it a magical countertop that uses fairy dust to cook your meals? Not quite. It is revolutionary technology that will change the way you see minimalism in the kitchen.

Induction cooking is very quickly becoming the next big thing, and with good reason: it is an extremely efficient and effective cooking method. It is energy efficient, convenient and fast acting.

Invisacook brings together the efficiency of induction cooking, and the beauty of a minimalistic counter space. When mounted underneath the cooking surface of a countertop. Invisacook provides the benefits of having a surface on which you can seamlessly prepare, and then cook your meal.

Invisacook is suited to use with Porcelain, Marble and Granite, due to the high heat resistance of these materials. This versatility opens up a wide variety of colours, designs and finishes at your fingertips.

SapienStone is one of the top porcelain ranges and is a match made in heaven with Invisacook. When paired together, you can truly appreciate the unblemished look of your counters, without compromising on kitchen functionality and effectiveness. You really can have it all.

So, now that you know what it is, let’s get into the nitty gritty of how to use it.

The Invisacook can be completely invisible if you so please, but you do bear the risk of playing Russian roulette with your dinner, since the pots used would need to be directly over the center of the burner for optimal cooking. For this reason, we advise you to ask your fabricator to etch a small circle onto the surface of your counter, to mark the center of the burner.

You can control your Invisacook via the touchpad controller or… wait for it… by an app on your phone (available on Google PlayStore or Apple App Store). The app connection functions through a shared wifi network (only 2.4 GHz, not 5GHz) so you would need to be in range of the shared wifi network to control the hob. Even better, you can save programs in your Invisacook’s setting so you just press play, walk away and let your pasta cook.

What pots can you use on your invisacook? They need to be induction suitable pots and pans (these are usually thick bottom stainless-steel pots and pans).

If you’re not sure if your pot is induction compatible, you can test it by using a magnet; if it sticks strongly to the base of your pot then it is suitable for induction and if it sticks with a weak force or not at all, it is not induction suitable.

We do not recommend the use of cast iron on the top as extended use of it could damage the top due to how hot cast iron can get.

Lastly, the pots and pans you do use, should be fitted with the elevator feet, or placed on the Invisamat while cooking. Using these tools is important to maintain the longevity of Invisacook, and the material you have chosen for your countertop.

Included in this amazing product is a 5-year limited warranty all wrapped in a bow for your peace of mind.

What more could you ask for?

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