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full body porcelain tiles 20mm


iris ceramica group presents 4D ceramics

This project was born out of a specific entrepreneurial vision, which has opened up a new dimension for matter: the fourth dimension (4D), where the three “spatial” dimensions are combined with the fourth dimension, i.e. sustainable technology, which creates a living material that embodies the Group’s core values. This is all complemented by a larger format (1600x3200) and a new tactile surface.

4D ceramic tiles porcelain

The full-body technology by Iris Ceramica Group has been perfected to the point that is now possible to create a technologically sophisticated surface that is unmatched in the market.

4D full body ceramic tiles

Iris Ceramica Group has taken ceramics to a whole new dimension: 4D. As in nature, 4D ceramic surfaces are born through stratification and become granitic. As solid as rock, made up of natural minerals, all its history and the elements that create life – water, fire and earth – are encompassed in a 12 and 20 mm thick panel. 

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